The benefits of using SafetySoft

Here you find some of the benefits of using SafetySoft...

All data centralized

All procedures, workpermites, schedules,... in one system, available everywhere.

Safety first

Each procedure can be transformed into a roadmap. Each step is documented and may contain an action, approval request or safety issue.

Simple to use

A userfriendly interface. You'll be able to use the software in no time.

Very flexibel

Add your own types, templates, tags,... The software has to work for your company, not the other way around.

Mobile version

A separate version optimised for use on tablets and smartphones.


The software can perfectly grow together with your company size.

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The possibilities to use SafetySoft in different markets and industries are broad. You can manage all settings in the software itself and adjust if needed.


In SafetySoft you can manage, review and publish all your LOTO procedures. You can use it for Lockout/Tagout procedures.
This helps make sure that a device that's being isolated is isolated well in compliance with the accepted company and safety policy.

Download a procedure example

Central management


Safety first

Permits to work/roadmaps

Convert each procedure into a permit to work or roadmap. Each section on the procedure has to be confirmed or, if set, approval must be given. This way, each step taken is tracked and you can see exactly why a certain action was aborted.

For each permit to work or roadmap you can print the tags needed during that procedure.


On a calendar you can start planning the needed permits and procedures. You assign these to the right employee for execution and follow all the needed action if wanted.


Clear overview


Userfriendly solution


Create and manage your tags in SafetySoft. Have them automatically filled out at the start of a work to permit and the right amount of correct tags will come out of the system.
The right tags at the right moment.

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Latest news


SafetySoft launched

After the development phase SafetySoft is ready to be launched. The software has been extensively tested to meet the needs as much as possible.


The idea

The brainstorming to create a new application for managing LOTO procedures has started. After a couple of sessions, the development by Pi-Software started.

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